Word Attack EP

by Word Attack

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Maniac's first recorded thing that wasn't done with an iPhone. Go us!
Download it and share it around. We like it, maybe you will too.


released August 22, 2014

EP was recorded with Collin Bevan, Mixed by Collin Bevan, and Mastered by Collin Bevan. What a guy.
Thanks to Nikk Hengerle, Josh Beierle, and the aforementioned Collin for doing some guest vocals on "Master".
Thanks to Caleb Hartnett for some rad album artwork!



all rights reserved


Word Attack Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hardcore Punk
Cahir - Throat
Kalu - Strings
Simon - Sticks
Mike - bass

Past members - Mahoney

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Track Name: Kitchen's a Skatepark
Joe called me up, said it's time to go
Told me "Kitchen's a skatepark!" I dunno
Pile in the car, gotta drive real fast
Gotta get to the hood, gotta kick some ass

Kitchen's a skatepark (4x)

Show up to the trailer, place is trashed
Joe's on the counter, he's also trashed
"Printer fucking cut me!" his hand is bleeding
Right about now this song has lost its meaning

Kitchen is a skatepark (4x)

Track Name: Vultures
I hold my head high, keep it out of the grime
Of this fucked up world that we live in
Standing here I'm waiting for the storm to blow over
Hope against hope that we make it out alive

No escape
No way out
We're trapped
Under these dark clouds

Vultures are coming, there's no use running
Whole fuckin' world's going down this time
I wish I could say that we'll make it through the day
But the weight of the shadow is bringing me down...
Track Name: Hate Song
I know it's hypocritical to say "I hate hate"
But looking 'round the world now it's getting hard to fucking relate
Endless persecution, unnecessary destruction
Black or white, straight or queer, hold on to what you hold dear

Prejudice divides us first impressions consume
It's getting harder and harder to close up the wound
Don't judge a book by its cover they say
But what if we never learn any other way?

Hatred is in our bones
It's something we all know
Starts as a tiny seed
That most choose to feed

That's not how it has to be
Not how it has to be
Hatred is a seed
I will not choose to feed
Track Name: Media
Media is saying you're fucked
Murder victim found around the block
Arson rates are burning up
Robbery's at an all-time high

Every damn day that's all we hear
More news reports make more fear
Got anything else to say?
Mainstream media is wasting away

Terrorism all around they'll blow up your home
Disaster will strike you wherever you roam
Out of proportion get out of my head
I'd rather blaze my own trail than be one of the led
Track Name: School, Why?
Think you know what's best for me? well you don't know what's best for me
College isn't whats best for me, so shove it back down your throat
Do what you want to make me see, your arguments won't work on me
I don't need no big time job, I don't need no salary
Track Name: Spazzbox
Chained up
Get me
I need

Shut away
in my head
under lock and key
is where I've been led
By my own mind
I've betrayed myself
For the last time
For the last time
Track Name: My Vote (I Don't)
We talk, we talk, we talk, we talk
What is this new disease we've wrought?
Suffocating on the lies
Of all these leaders I despise

Red or blue it's all the same
I don't want to play your games
Why should I vote for you
When I don't have a say in what you do?
Track Name: Sunday Clothes
I'm gonna sing about a load of shit
A bunch of people who should be in the pit
They're hypocrite, liars, bastards and thieves
I'm sure a higher power would detest these
Despite all their preaching they sink like the rest
Can't stand up to the week day test

So go ahead, put on your Sunday clothes
What's the point, you're trying to show
You've got morals and a conscience but there's nothing there
Nothing there

You're the spawn of jesus, all "Holier than thou"
Little does he know
Your morals are shit and your selling drugs
To kids after school
But once that nice tie comes on, once a day a week..

You transform
Into some fucking saint

Chorus.. twice
Track Name: Speed Curtains
Evil incarnate is not what you think
The lie that we live pushes me to the brink

We are the wicked, we created hate
It won't be long till humanity meets its fate

Perception is false, it must be made clear
Our own human nature is what we should fear

We are the wicked, we created hate
It won't be long till humanity meets its fate
Track Name: Dissimilar Antipodes
You say you hate people like me
You don't know what it means
You go to parties, I go to shows
That's where our differences start, and they grow

You think I'm weird
I think you're scum
The only thing you care about
Is how fast you run

We're not alike, you and I
I think of myself as one of a kind
You, you're just a fucking clone
Do you think at all when you're alone?

You get by
Beating down others
Run along home
Home to your mother
Track Name: This Punk's Not Dead
There's a ringing in my ear
It says it'll never go away
It's something that should be feared
It'll be with me till my dying day

This Punk's not dead (4x)