Born To​.​.​.

by Word Attack

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Maniac's second slammin' EP. A lot has changed since Word Attack, but much still stays the same. Some thrashy-hardcore-punky shenanigans, for all to enjoy. Download it fo' free/donate if you think it's worth it, show your pals, and come out to shows!


released October 16, 2015

All songs written by Maniac with lyrics written by Cahir (except Pool Shark, lyrics by Caleb). All rights reserved. Recorded mixed and mastered by Collin "The Guy" Bevan. Whataguy.

Guest vocals on Programming by Gene Monchelli
Gang vocals on Intro and Why Hardcore Sucks by Collin, Caleb, Cahir, Simon, Mike, and Gene.
Photograph by Mike. Concept by Caleb.



all rights reserved


Word Attack Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hardcore Punk
Cahir - Throat
Kalu - Strings
Simon - Sticks
Mike - bass

Past members - Mahoney

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Track Name: Born To...
Your days have a number
With quite a few digits
So quit your "All hope is lost!"
I'm done with all your
And inactivity makes me tired

We're born to die it's true
But there's a life between the two
So read between the lines
Find something to stand by

So quit your "what if"'s and no more complaining
Quit your wasted time and no more abstaining
Take a chance on life instead of refraining
Until it's too late, and you're fuckin' fading.
Born To
Born To
Track Name: Deceit
Hypocrisy blurring lines between fact and fiction
Think it once, think it twice before your decision
Are you sure of these moves that you're making?
Are you sure of these risks that you're taking?

Don't get too caught up in your web of lies
To see your impending, inevitable demise
I don't need all your two-faced half-truths
Let's make an example out of you, put you up to some use.
Track Name: Programming
I'm sick and i'm tired of being hard fucking wired
A slave to modern ideals
We're wrapped in chains that we never noticed
And now we're all used to the weight

This binding it won't break from force
Roots they have sunk far too deep
All we have left are ideas
They make us more than the sheep


So fill your head with rebel songs and raise up the cry
We fight with thoughts and must free our minds
For a better purpose, and for a new life
Before we're choked to death on their lines
Track Name: Why Hardcore Sucks
It seems you've heard that "Might makes Right"
Which is why you pummel everyone in sight
Inflict pain to show that you're on "top"

Posture and pose so everybody knows
You'll spin-kick their head if they throw any 'bows
I thought this scene was about unity?

You're Why
Track Name: Pool Shark
It seems you've got nothing better to do
Than pick fights like a fucking tool
This tough guy act is nothing new
You aren't big, and you aren't cool

You didn't put me down, or in my place
You just gave me a reason
To wanna punch out every tooth
Every tooth in your fucking face
Track Name: Minor Step
We sit and we wait, we watch and we pray
For all our hopes, to be one day
Never knowing, all along
It's actions that make, hopes grow strong

I sit in this hole, that I dug just for me
It's strange to think, this is where I'd be
After all these years, life passes on by
Sitting here stuck, feels like I'm waiting to die
Track Name: Forked Tongue
So you say you believe in the truth
Don't sell your soul, be a "good" person
Never tell any lies
And don't give in to your vices

Be sure not to harm thy neighbor
Treat others how they'd like to be treated
Pay no heed to the serpent

So are you a sinner or saint?

I'm sorry to say that you've fallen
Perhaps you're sold to the devil in disguise
Your tongue is as good as forked
And you're lying through your teeth

Your neighbor is burned at the stake
You thought they were too "radical"
If this is how you treat others
How would you like your compensation?
Track Name: Black and White
Turn around
You need another perspective
You see things aren't what they seem, they never seem to be
Always more than two sides
Always more than just one "right"

Look around
Not everything is black and white
There's a million paths to take but you're stuck on the rails
Your tunnel vision's set in
Peripheral thoughts are thin

Black and White
Hatred and spite
Need to keep your
Head on tight

Black and White
Hatred and Spite
Playing god
Is no one's right