Demo 2016

by Word Attack

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4 new songs plus a beastie boys cover! recorded by Collin Bevan, tape cover art by Aaron Dale


released December 2, 2016



all rights reserved


Word Attack Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hardcore Punk
Cahir - Throat
Kalu - Strings
Simon - Sticks
Mike - bass

Past members - Mahoney

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Track Name: Cosmos
Fear of the night
Fear of the light
Fear of what's nameless, shifting out of sight
Fear of not knowing
Fear is what it's sowing
Fear of never growing

Something's come from the void to take you away
You'll never make it to break of day

Not of this world
Leech your sanity
Eldritch, ancient
Old ones will tear you

Lambs to the slaughter we're marched
To the beat of an alien drum
From high out beyond the stars
Comes a force of abberation

Not of this world
Leech your sanity
Eldritch, ancient
Old ones will tear us
All down
Track Name: Poor Planning
We study history to learn from the mistakes
Of all our predecessors, the entire human race
What some people find hard to simply understand
Is that we reap what we sow, they just can't comprehend

Hate breeds hate, war breeds war
What the fuck are we fighting for?

So millions and millions more die
We write unfathomable numbers in our history books
We need to ask ourselves "Why?"
"Are destruction and violence our only solutions?"

Hate breeds hate...x2

We've been burning bridges since discovery of fire
Ever since the day of sentience we've invoked our own ire
I guess it's just human nature to feed the war machine
Carefully cultivated conflict with not end to be seen

Hate breeds hate...
Track Name: Bitter
I guess it's time
For things to change

Who'd have though we'd get so far?
Who'd have thought it'd end so soon?
Parting ways to follow our stars
I wish the best of luck to you

Fuck me
Fuck you
Don't know
Who's to

It's probably better this way
Still I don't know what to say
Changing lives and changing times have gotten in the way

5 years gone by
Past is a blur
Memories are
Complicated for me

Maybe I'm mad
Maybe I'm bitter
Maybe I never thought you'd be a quitter
Maybe I'm a fuckup
And I was wrong
Communication was never our song